Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Grand Rising, the time is NOW

🌞 Grand Rising to all who felt compelled to find our blog- perhaps out of curiosity, perhaps out of following synchronicity, perhaps because you have been seeking a sense of community during this time of awakening. We welcome you warmly and I’ll start by saying this: your pursuit of self awareness and elevation through knowledge is invaluable. 

Hi, my name is Heidi Joy and I will be sharing messages I feel channeled to express for the collective. As I find empowerment from my spiritual journey, I am so grateful to enter a new frequency that surrounds me with like minded energy that has energized me to use my voice.

I am passionate about creating safe, nurturing, inspiring spaces that allow for vulnerable conversations to connect humans who are looking to engage in conversations that spark each other’s elevation. 

In these times where many people are feeling more isolated, I feel called to step into my power as a connector. We are never meant to live through this life alone, we are a collective soul, interconnected- and though it is upon ourselves to heal and change within- I discovered the beauty of sharing my process being a catalyst for others. I used to believe I could change people but I know now we can only change ourselves. However, through sharing our truths and journey, we are able to ignite a shift in others who are receptive or seeking change themselves. 

What we think, we become. 

Through accepting that we are creators of our own reality, we accept the power to transform through mindfulness of our thoughts.

Our thoughts are foundations for our beliefs, our beliefs shape how we speak and act, how we act is our external interaction with the world outside of our minds. 

If we are unable to think of this experience as one of infinite possibilities, then it won’t be. If we think and believe that things will never change, then it will be as so. 

The beginnings of my journey came from just starting to realize I could think about life differently than I chose to limit myself for years to. 

It takes practice. 

I began to train my own thoughts by challenging them with thought processes that were more productive towards the NEW life I wanted. 

It starts with an awareness. 

Being present you can more succinctly observe your thoughts as they happen, acknowledging them and considering if they do or do not serve you in your pursuit of your authentic life. 

Observe your thoughts.

We have been conditioned to think limitedly. Amazingly, we are actually limitless. Our minds, paired with our heart and intuition, are powerful and understanding that change starts from just being able to THINK differently shifted my life dramatically. 

Are there thoughts and beliefs you realize aren’t even yours but ones inherited from family? Or internalized from friends? Or subconsciously programmed from society, media, & news? 

I found journaling essential in dissecting my thoughts- being able to see them in my handwriting helped me better recognize what ones I actually resonated with, ones I felt like I “should” believe, ones that were emotionally tied to other people, & ultimately see the blueprint of things that were shaping the life I was living. 

I challenge you to take time today to find a comfortable space to write down some thoughts and beliefs you have. Think about them, consider their origins, how they make you feel, how they have shaped you. We often say extremes like “I’ll always be...” “I will never....” “my whole life I’ve been...” PAUSE! 

Power in the pause. 

I’ll write a whole other blog on this topic alone but for this segment I want you to PAUSE and be very mindful of what you think. I used to say, “I’ll always have anxiety. I’m going to have to live with it the rest of my life.” PAUSE! I realize now as I said that, I put the energy in motion to do so. Our thoughts and subconscious work together in creating energetic fields to match what we think and say. As I shifted from that to, “I am healing my anxiety and every day I feel better” - even though at first I didn’t believe it, I knew I had to be able to even THINK differently to be able to BELIEVE and ACT differently.  

I began to be extremely observant with all of my thoughts throughout the day, creating counter thoughts on negative ones I realized I so frequently relayed to myself. It is illuminating to see how unkind I had been to myself all of these years and it was no surprise it shaped how I felt and acted because of it. 

Be kind to yourself. Offer yourself advice and thoughts you maybe wished someone did for you. Do it for yourself. Be your own advocate. Be your own cheerleader. Be the person who you needed most when you were younger. Think of the infinite possibilities, don’t settle. 

I hope this resonates with you in someway or feel free to share with a friend who may find it helpful. If you feel compelled to share your own insights or have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out  

I honor your journey and am grateful to share time with you all in our pursuit of being unapologetically ourselves. The time is NOW 💖

choose JOY,

💫 Heidi Joy


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